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Hardwood Lake Property


The Valley Regional Working Group is a group of Volunteers who help to be stewards of the Nova Scotia Nature Trust properties in the Annapolis Valley area. The current properties and easements are listed to the right.

    Some of our tasks are:
  • Monitor Property
  • Biologically Survey Property
  • Maintain Buildings
  • Control Invasive Species
  • Lead Public Hikes on the Properties
  • Cooperation among Valley Stewards

If you would like to learn more of the Valley Regional Working Group and its work email: - or
Alice at Nova Scotia Nature Trust

NSNT Properties
in the Valley Area

  1. Aylesford Mountain
  2. Wolfville Ridge
  3. Wolfville Reservoir (Easement)
  4. Gaspereau Mountain
  5. Hardwood Lake
  6. Meander River (Easement)
  7. Gold River Lake (Easement)
  8. Myrta Stewart Conservation Lands (Easement)
  9. Cloud Lake Wilderness

Created on ... September 22, 2008
Vally Regional Working Group of the Nova Scotia Nature Trust -